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Corporate packages

  • BOOK - Unwind.biz: to hold a Pilates class in the conference room, to help release tensions built up from desk and computer work.
  • BOOK – Unwind.biz to come in once a month to hold a Pilates class for the staff’s wellbeing.
  • BOOK - Unwind.biz: to provide back, shoulder, and neck massage on-site by supplying a light-weight massage chair for the office, setting up in a private area providing 15 minute massages for the benefit of the staff; 6 people x 1 ½ hours. Incorporate it during the lunch break.
  • BOOK – Unwind.biz: to teach staff how to use a spikey ball to release tension built up from desk and computer work; a very useful tool to have and know how to use effectively.

UNWIND.BIZ will help:

Avoid absences due to stress, tension, headaches, back ache, and other posture related issues affecting mental and physical wellbeing. Staff Wellbeing is paramount to keeping a busy office and its departments running smoothly. Unwind.biz provides Risk Assessments and is covered with Public Liability Insurance
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